Stun Master 3,000,000 Volt Rechargeable Lipstick Stun Gun in Purple

Safety Technology

$ 19.95 


The Stun Master Purple Lipstick Stun Gun is a must have for a first date or a night out on the town. Designed for easy and discrete carrying in your purse, car, or pockets, the Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun fends off attackers with 3,000,000 volts. Featuring a cap to prevent accidental shock the unit has built-in flashlight to light up the night and recharges without needing costly replacement batteries. The Stun Master Lipstick Stun Gun comes with a 90 day warranty.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 5” x 1”

Please see our How Stun Guns Work to learn how stun guns are such an effective non-lethal self-defense weapon and our Stun Gun Spray Restrictions for specific restrictions that may apply to your state.