Stun Guns vs. TASERS - Which is Better?

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Originally derived from cattle prods used in the early 1940s, electrified stun products were developed during the civil unrest of the 1960s and 1970s. Providing an effective and non-lethal solution, stun products have gained widespread police and self-defense use since the introduction of the TASER in 1974 by NASA researcher Jack Cover. Today, TASERS and modern stun products use the same principles developed over the past 50 years. TASERS remain unique from other stun products in that they are true stun "guns". TASER products are designed to shoot probes that either attach to an attackers clothing or embed in the skin. These probes are the point of contact that pass electricity through to the attacker at a safe distance. Stun products including stun batons use the same principle, but have probes that are permanently attached to the device, needing you to be closer to make contact with an attacker.

How do stun guns and TASERS work?

Stun products and TASERS work by using high voltage, low amperage electricity to disrupt the body’s nervous system. Any stun or taser product only provides a localized shock to an attacker. With only a localized shock, you are never at risk of being stunned if you come in contact with the attacker.

Voltage from a stun product or TASER causes the body to have involuntary muscle contractions. As a result, the body unable to make coordinated movements. The attacker feels disoriented and confused as well as exhausted because of the exertion of energy. The longer voltage is passed to the body, the more severe and lasting the impact. A half second to full second of contact will be enough to create enough pain and shock. With one to two seconds of contact, the mental confusion increases. More than three seconds of contact can create effects that can keep an attacker dazed and confused for multiple minutes giving you valuable time to escape or call for help. Keep in mind these times will vary with the size of the attacker.

The impact of the electricity passing through the body is effectively harmless and, except for the exhaustion, the effects will generally wear off within a few minutes. TASER and stun products are non-lethal because unlike the electricity that runs through your home, a stun product is powered by a battery that only provides high voltage, low amperage electricity for a short amount of time.

Which TASER or Stun self-defense product is right for me?

For most people, the main deciding factors between the wide range of stun products and/or TASER products is the delivery system and the voltage.

Voltage: The impact of stun products depends on the voltage delivered and the time of contact. Products can vary in voltage from 500,000 volts to more than 40,000,000 volts. Lower voltage products will stop an attacker, but may require the product to make contact for a longer period of time than the time required for a higher voltage product. 

Delivery System: Stun products vary from the compact and concealable to large stun batons that have a longer reach and can act as a deterrent. TASER products are designed to make contact with an attacker from a distance by using projectile probes to deliver its shock. Stun products require you to be in closer contact with an attacker than TASERs but do not require you to be accurate or be reloaded with replacement cartridges. Decide what is the most likely situation you will face and decide on a product that will be most effective, easiest to carry and use, and give you the best odds of survival.

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