ZAP Hike n Strike 950,000 Volt Stun Walking Stick

Safety Technology

$ 104.95 


Great for using on weekend hiking or camping trips, the ZAP Hike ‘n Strike Stun Walking Stick has spiked electrodes that deliver 950,000 volts to keep away man and beast. Extending to 56” overall (29” closed) and weighing only 18 oz, the Hike n’ Strike has a textured rubber grip and wrist strap that gives you the support you would expect with a normal walking stick. Also, the removable reflective band and built-in LED flashlight in case you run out of daylight give you even more peace of mind to enjoy the great outdoors. Featuring a cap to cover the stun device when not in use, this walking stick comes with a two year warranty and comes with three lithium CR123A batteries. An excellent choice for those looking for a walking stick with a kick.

We also offer the ZAP Stun Walking Cane.

Please see our How Stun Guns Work to learn how stun guns are such an effective non-lethal self-defense weapon and our Stun Gun Restrictions for specific restrictions that may apply to your state.

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