2016 Graduation Gift Guide

Struggling to find gifts for the grad in your life? Don't send your grad off into the real world with just words of wisdom, know that you have given them everything they need to handle whatever life throws at them. With our collection of the best Stun Guns, Pepper Spray, and Self-Defense Keychains, the Department of Self Defense once again has you covered. Below are some of our best selling products that will appeal to the different types of grads in your life. 

Our Streetwise BlackJack 21,000,000 volt Stun Gun is one of the  best stun guns on the market today. Also featuring an alarm and  flashlight, this rechargeable unit has safety features that ensures that  the only shock your grad gets is when they have to make their first student loan payment. Just like their student debt, this unit will be around for a while with its lifetime warranty. 

BlackJack 21,000,000 Stun Gun

Our Streetwise Ladies Choice 21,000,000 volt Stun Gun is one of our Women's Self Defense best sellers. Available in a stylish Pink, Coral, or Zebra case, this stun gun looks and plays the part. The Ladies Choice features a safety pin to ensure the stun gun isn't accidentally discharged or taken away and used by an attacker. Don't worry about reliability, this unit features a lifetime warranty making sure it's there for your wife, girlfriend, daughter, niece, or granddaughter when they need it most. 

Ladies Choice 21,000,000 Coral  Ladies Choice 21,000,000 Pink Stun Gun  Ladies Choice 21,000,000 Pink

For your the gadget focused grad, check out our iPhone Stun Gun and Power Bank. This unit attaches to their iPhone 5/5S to give them an easy  way to protect themselves. Also great for the athlete that wants to be  protected while running or jogging without having to carry their phone and  a stun gun. When not being used to grill an attacker to medium rare, this unit also doubles as a power bank to make sure your phone is always charged and ready to call mom and dad.  

iPhone Stun Gun

For the hipster grad, check out our Streetwise Vaporizer E-cig Stun Gun. A perfect compliment to that new beard and liberal arts degree. While this unit doesn't function as a vaporizer, it is a real functioning stun gun with 18,000,000 volts of stopping power. This unit is also rechargeable so it doesn't require expensive batteries, helping your grad save money to help paydown that crippling student debt. Also available in pink for the female hipster.  

Streetwise Black Vaporizer E-Cig Stun Gun  Streetwise Pink Vaporizer E-Cig Stun Gun

As a perfect compliment to any of the stun guns above, don't forget to check out our collection of Self-Defense Keychains and Pepper Spray/Mace products to round out all of your grad's needs. 


Solid Steel Kubotan in Pink Camo  Solid Steel Kubotan in Black  Munio Self Defense Keychain in Brownie  WildFire Pepper Spray Hard Case 1.5oz in Black  Mace Pink Pepper Spray Gun




Last but not least, don't forget to prepare for the graduation itself, and what graduation celebration would be complete without an air horn! When not keeping you safe in your walk to and from the car, the Personal Safety Horn Alarm will help you draw attention to your graduate and let them know you and your friends and family are proud of their accomplishments all without losing your voice. 

Personal Safety Horn Alarm

Congrats again to the Class of 2016. You have and will continue to achieve great things. 

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