iPhone Taser - Stun Gun and Power Bank

Cutting Edge Products

$ 119.95 


Many customers reached out to us asking for an iphone taser. Well, now it is time to give your attacker a buzz! The Yellow Jacket iPhone stun gun and power pack provides the sting you need to keep yourself safe. A durable hard plastic case protects your iPhone from damage and the stun/battery pack is detachable so you can carry just the iPhone case when needed. Five LED lights indicate your current battery level and notify you when your phone is charging.

The case features a high voltage stun gun, activated by two triggers. The charge on this unit is incredibly strong, making the swiveling electrode cap and stun gun safety switch a must to prevent accidental discharge. 

The battery pack effectively doubles the life of your phone battery. The product is backed by a 1 year warranty and comes with wrist strap for easier carrying. Our customers love this wrist strap function for carrying a stun gun while running or jogging.