PepperBall LifeLite Personal Defense Launcher Starter Kit

Department Of Self Defense

$ 224.99 $ 229.99


The PepperBall® products provide a new alternative to personal security. You no longer need to choose between decisive lethal force and uncertain non-lethal options. You get confidence, security, and peace of mind that you can protect yourself without the worry of delivering a fatal or feeble response.

Unlike other non-lethal protection devices that require you to be in close proximity to a dangerous situation, the PepperBall® allows you to defend yourself from a safe distance from any threat. Using the laser sight, you can easily and accurately operate from 4x the distance of other leading methods. Using the laser sight, you can easily and accurately operate from 4x the distance of other leading methods; the LifeLite fires up to 60 feet.

To put this distance into context, imagine facing an assailant in a parking lot. You can stop a threat before it reaches your vehicle. With other non-lethal means of protection, you could be forced to defend yourself from an attack within reach of your car door.

Upon impact, a PepperBall® rounds burst to create a 12-foot cloud of pepper irritant that rapidly disperses into the air to quickly incapacitate an attacker. Within seconds, the saturation area extends in all directions around the point of impact. With this active defense zone, a direct hit is not required. Simply striking the ground in close proximity to your target is often enough to diffuse a threat.

The dust cloud created by a PepperBall® is made of our proprietary, pharmaceutical-grade PAVA pepper powder. Exposure to it will cause an immediate reaction in the eyes, nose, throat, and chest of an attacker. The response decisive and debilitating, allowing you time to exit the situation and get help. The effects, however, are not permanent and will cease after approximately 15 minutes.


  • Combines a flashlight and PepperBall launcher into a single device.
  • Semi-automatic firing system.
  • Bright 350-lumen flashlight.
  • Integrated laser sight for rapid target acquisition.
  • Optional rechargeable battery & charger available.
  • Fires up to 60 feet.
  • Five round capacity.
  • One Year Warranty.


  • LifeLite Launcher
  • 5 Live SD (PAVA) Projectiles
  • 10 Inert Projectiles
  • 3 CO2 Cartridges
  • 2 CR123 Batteries
  • Lanyard