Stun Batons and Taser Batons

Stun batons offer the same stopping power as our high voltage stun guns. These self defense products provide extra protection by allowing you to stun an attacker from a greater distance. Taser batons can also be used as clubs for self defense. We offer expandable stun baton and telescopic stun baton models. All of our batons are fully rechargeable and many feature high intensity flashlights.

We also stock innovative designs like the stun cane and stun walking stick. We have organized the collection based on top selling products and best stun baton reviews. Enjoy our selection of Streetwise, Police Force, Stun Master, and ZAP self defense products. Shop for your stun baton with confidence.

Department of Self Defense offers a 90 day warranty on all items sold. Additionally, through our Live to Fight Another Day Policy, we will replace any item purchased through us if lost or damaged while used in a self defense situation. Your safety is more important to us than the cost of a replacement product. It's that simple.

Please see our Stun Products Overview to determine the best product for your needs and our Stun Gun Restrictions page for purchase procedures and limitations. 

 Our customer service team is here to help you with any product questions.
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