Self-Defense Hammer Spray-Black


$ 70.00 


When pepper spray is not enough, the patented, US made Hammer Spray gives you two powerful defense weapons in one! Inspired by the “hammer strike” self-defense maneuver, the Hammer Spray’s weight, ergonomic grip, cord, pepper spray, and striking point combine to create the ultimate self-defense tool.  Pepper spray alone can be effective, but it requires separation between you and your attacker. The Hammer Spray is ideal for close-quarter situations where you are grabbed by an attacker. The sharp edge on the bottom of the military grade aluminum housing can be used to hammer strike your attacker and create enough separation for you to discharge the pepper spray and make your escape.

Why Hammer Spray?

Safe: Not only will it keep you safe from an attacker but it is also safe to use. The pepper spray has safety nozzle that needs to be turned before it will spray.

Contains UV dye: The product contains 0.5 oz. of pepper spray with UV dye, which police can use to identify an attacker.

Designed for DNA Recovery: The patented design includes custom grooving at end of the striking point to help collect DNA from an assailant for police identification

Refillable: The pepper spray can be refilled with .5oz and .75oz standard cannisters.

Twice the Protection: Sharp point for close quarter striking and long range pepper spray for spraying from a distance