UZI Tactical Pen with Glass Breaker Tip and LED Flashlight in Black

Safety Technology

$ 38.95 


Tactical pens are some of our most versatile self defense products. They can get you out of emergency situations with attackers, break glass, or sign the check for your mortgage. More than just a pen, the UZI Tactical Pen packs a lot of protection into a small, everyday item. Made from a durable and lightweight aluminum alloy, the UZI Tactical Pen includes a pointed glass breaking tip that doubles as a self-defense tool. On the other side of the glass breaking tip, the pen has a 100 lumen LED flashlight that runs on a simple AAA battery (not included). Aside from helping you see what is lurking in the night, the flashlight has an edge that can act as a DNA collector in case of an attack.



Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 6.25” x 0.5”