Pepper/ Bear Spray

Mace has been the trusted brand for personal defense sprays since 1970. Mace products provide you an assortment of high quality self defense options with various product lines. Mace is a unique chemical self defense spray not to be confused with pepper spray. Please see our How Pepper Spray and Mace Work page for further detail. 

Self defense sprays are some of the most effective non-lethal self defense options. The full Mace collection provides some of your best options to instantly disable your attacker. Our team has organized the collection to feature our highest rated and best selling products first. Please see our Pepper Spray Overview page for further help in selecting the right self defense spray for you.

Department of Self Defense offers a 90 day warranty on all items sold. Additionally, through our Live to Fight Another Day Policy, we will replace any item purchased through us if lost or damaged while used in a self defense situation. Your safety is more important to us than the cost of a replacement product. It's that simple. 

Please see our Pepper Spray Restrictions page for Mace purchase procedures and limitations.
Our customer service team is here to help you with any product questions. 
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