Diversion/ Book Safes

Diversion safes allow you to hide your valuables from burglars and visitors in plain site. Our can safes contain hidden compartments. They are designed like every day household products. We also feature the most realistic looking book safes. Our safes are sure to fool the most skilled criminals and keep those snooping visitors at bay.

We also offer RFID safes with electromagnetic technology. Radio frequency identification, or RFID, uses technology to automatically identify devices. Access to our RFID safes is controlled by a key card similar to a hotel key. These high end safes are designed to look like ordinary household items.

Our smaller diversion safes are great for travel. Feel confident leaving your valuables in the hotel. Thieves never expect to find your cash and jewels in plain site. Enjoy your trip without worry.

Feel confident storing your cash and jewelry in plain site with our safes. We are constantly updating our collection with the latest designs. Our team has organized the collection to feature our highest rated and best selling products first.

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