Best Tasers and Best Stun Guns for 2017 - Reviews

We’ve posted our Best Tasers and Best Stun Guns page to our store. Similar to our Best Flashlight Stun Guns page, our new content provides recommendations for to help you find the best self defense product to suit your needs. Our team has selected a diverse collection of six of our most popular stun gun and taser gun products. Highlights from our team and customers are included in the product descriptions.

Tasers (referred to by many in place of the common stun gun) are great self defense options for easy carry. Certain models are ideal for concealed carry based on design and size. Regardless of size or design, all of our best taser options are high voltage. The items are great self defense products for situations where a self defense spray (Pepper Spray or Mace) simply will not do.

The items selected by our team feature the high quality construction you’ve come to expect from Department of Self Defense. Our best stun gun and best tasers page features stun products with the following attributes:

- High voltage taser (stun gun)
- Rechargeable stun gun
- Integrated personal alarm
- Integrated stun gun flashlight
- Unique design for concealment

    Not surprisingly, our list includes an actual TASER product. The newly released TASER Pulse Stun Gun receives top scores for compact design, stopping power, and overall quality. The TASER brand name is the one of the best in the self defense products industry. Department of Self Defense is an Authorized TASER Dealer, so you can shop for all your TASER products with confidence.

    Check out our Best Stun Guns and Best Tasers for Self Defense and let us know what you think in the comments section below. Our goal is to simplify the decision making process and ensure that you have the best products for your safety. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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