Authorized TASER Dealer

Authorized TASER Dealer, Certified TASER Dealer

Department of Self Defense proudly offers TASER products as an Authorized TASER Dealer. As a preferred dealer, Department of Self Defense has access to the latest in TASER stun guns and accessories. We pride ourselves on our large TASER inventory and making sure we have all major products in stock. Additionally, our support team has a dedicated TASER representative that can help with any technical questions you may have. 

We are one of the few retailers who have the new TASER Pulse in stock. This recently released device is the newest consumer model stun gun. The Pulse offers a 30 second stun cycle and 15 foot range. We're finding that our customers love the new pistol grip design. 

TASER Pulse Stun Gun

The Authorized TASER Dealer certification means that you can shop with confidence. We also carry replacement batteries and replacement cartridges. As an Authorized Taser Dealer, you can be assured that we'll have your certified TASER products in stock. Please visit our TASER collection for information on the full TASER stun gun and accessory line. 

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