Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 13,000,000 Volt Expandable Stun Baton with Flashlight

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$ 64.95 


The world’s first expandable stun baton, the Streetwise Attitude Adjuster 13,000,000 Stun Baton adjusts from 16.5” to 19” with a quick twist of the handle. Either compact or extended, the Attitude Adjuster has a shocking amount of power. The Attitude Adjuster comes with Triple Stun Technology with three separate points of contract on the metal probes, compared to the usual one or two points of contact. As a result, the Attitude Adjuster creates louder and bright electrical show of force that will quickly adjust an attacker’s attitude. With an ultra-bright tactical flashlight with long life 100,000 LED bulbs and 3 light modes, the unit keeps you prepared for any situation you might encounter. With a lifetime warranty that ensures the product will be there for you when you need it, the Attitude Adjuster also features the following:

  • Built-in safety measures: To prevent accidental discharge, two levels of safety have been built in.
  • Rechargeable- A recharge cord that plugs into a standard wall outlet for both convenience and to save money on batteries.
  • Easy Carry Holster: A heavy duty nylon holster with belt loop is included for easy carrying.

Please see our How Stun Guns Work to learn how stun guns are such an effective non-lethal self-defense weapon and our Stun Gun Restrictions for specific restrictions that may apply to your state.

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