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We have the TASER Pulse at the lowest price and in stock! TASER's latest self defense innovation, the TASER Pulse. The Pulse offers the legendary TASER stopping power in a new design. This stun gun is shaped just like a small handgun, giving you confidence when you take aim. The Pulse design is ideal for concealed carry, either in your holster or in your purse. The TASER Pulse can hit your attacker by up to 15 feet away with the dual probes shot from the gas compressed cartridge. Once connected, the probes generate a 30 second stun cycle that can disable your attacker and allow you to flee to safety. Buy your professional grade TASER stun gun from your Authorized TASER Dealer. 

We also carry TASER Pulse holsters and replacement cartridges:

As an Authorized TASER Dealer you can be assured that we'll have your certified TASER products in stock. Shop with confidence for your TASER gun. 

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Key Features

  • Pistol shape with safeties and angled sights gives you confidence.
  • Small size ideal for concealed carry.
  • Features lazer sight for additional aim and flashlight for addtional security.
  • Long lasting replaceable battery last for approximately 50 30 second firings or stun cycles.
  • 15-foot range with back-up stun gun.

    What's in the Package

    • TASER Pulse
    • Replaceable lithium battery
    • 2 live cartridges
    • Conductive target
    • Protective soft cover
    • Quick start guide 




      • Length: 5.25"
      • Height: 4.75"
      • Width: 1.25"
      • Weight: 0.5lbs (227g)

      Department of Self Defense offers a 90 day warranty on all items sold. Additionally, through our Live to Fight Another Day Policy, we will replace any item purchased through us if lost or damaged while used in a self defense situation. Your safety is more important to us than the cost of a replacement product. It's that simple.

      Please see our TASER Laws and Restrictions for all you need to know about purchasing and owning a TASER in your state.

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